the four Cs

Grading a diamond to establish its quality is a straightforward process to the trained individual. The quality standards we use are based on the universally known and recognized Gemological Institute of America’s grading system, which differentiates diamonds by their color, clarity, carat weight and cut.

Color: The system starts at D color where the diamond is colorless and as the body color of a diamond increases so the letter symbol travels down the alphabet.

diamond color chart

Clarity: The method for examining and establishing clarity grades for diamonds is done by using 10x power magnification and the trained eye.

diamond clarity scale

Carat weight: This establishes the weight in carats of each diamond. A carat is about one fifth of one gram. A diamond’s weight places it in price categories as well.

Cut: Working from a rough diamond formed millions of years ago in a volcanic pipe called kimberlite, a cutter will polish this into a magnificent gem.

When properly proportioned, a diamond will return a great amount of light to the eye. We call this brilliance or “fire”, diamonds most valuable feature.

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